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School Reward Systems

At Westbury Infant School we ensure every opportunity is taken to celebrate the children's learning, effort, attitude and achievement.


Behaviour Assembly (every Monday)                                   

Gold, Silver and Bronze Certificates are presented weekly to children in each class for their learning, attitude and effort.


Gem Powers
We use our Gem Powers at Westbury Infant School!

This is a way of encouraging children to develop positive behaviours that will support their learning. A child could receive a gem powers certificate for using one of their Gem Powers. These are presented every Monday in assembly.

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Diamond – Being responsible

  • tried to solve his/her own problem rather than relying on an adult
  • used their learning ‘toolkit’ (different strategies they have been taught) to identify what they needed to do when they were stuck
  • used their talk partners/teachers to ask good questions to help move their learning on
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Emerald – Being courageous and sticking with it even when it gets tough 

  • brave enough to ‘have a go’ with their learning even though they know they might make a mistake
  • comfortable to make mistakes as they know these help them to learn
  • learn from their mistake and ‘bounce back’, they stick with it
  • remain calm even though they have been upset or angry
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Sapphire – Keeping focus 

  • keeps on task even though there are lots of distractions 
  • keeps listening to others (teacher and others in the class) even when there are distractions
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Ruby – Supporting others 

  • gives support to others by listening to them and smiling at them
  • praises others when they do well
  • helps others when they have a problem

Introduced at Year 2

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Topaz – Collaboration, learning in a big group 

  • shared at least one idea with the whole group 
  • taken turns to share ideas 
  • asked different questions in their group to make sure that they have known that their idea is in everyone’s heads
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Amethyst – Cooperation, learning with a partner 

  • shared ideas with their partner, talking and listening skills 
  • take in turns to listen and then share what they thought 
  • added a new idea to their old ones
Purple Learner

We believe it is important for children to understand what it is to be a successful learner. Children who show these qualities in every day learning are called 'Purple Learners'.  Each class chooses a ‘Purple Learner’ at the end of each day and they receive a special sticker.

To be a successful purple learner WIS pupils

  • Know and understand what they are learning
  • Know why they are learning
  • Are involved in reviewing and improving their learning
  • Ask questions and know what they could learn next
  • Feel safe and understand that they learn from making mistakes
  • Challenge their own learning
  • Avoid giving up
  • Enjoy learning!


Star of the Week                                                                                                                          In Key Stage One each class has a Star of the Week where they are celebrated for showing good learning behaviours, as well as being a STAR!  Their photo takes centre stage in each class display.                                                                                                                                          

Headteacher's stickers                       

These are given to children who are brought to the leadership team by an adult to share something amazing - it could be learning, attitude or effort!  We always take the time to celebrate these occasions as it is important to recognise these achievements.   

Lunchtime Award

These special stickers are awarded for exceptional behaviour at playtime or lunchtime by staff on duty.

Celebration Assembly                                                                                                                  Every Friday, Mrs Budge looks forward to the children sharing the wonderful work they have done during the week. The children explain their learning and show the rest of the school what they have done. They are given a certificate to take home to share and celebrate.


Star Reader & Star Writer                                                                                                         

Throughout every short term (six weeks or so), raffle tickets are given to the children by the adults when they see super reading, writing or maths. These raffle tickets are then put in three class pots.

In our last celebration assembly of each term, each class pulls out one Star Reader, one Star Writer and one Star Mathematician from their class pots.

The Star Reader wins a high quality picture/reading book. The Star Writer receives a very special starry pencil and a writing pad. The Star Mathematician receives some maths resources to play maths games at home.

There is a real sense of anticipation during the raffle and of course, the more tickets you have then the greater your chance of winning!

Positive Behaviour

At Westbury Infant School we use a traffic light system for behaviour.  This means the children all start the day off with a green card, if they cause low level disruption during the school day they will be issued with a yellow warning card, if this behaviour continues or escalates they will be issued with a red card, they will be sent to a member of the senior leadership team and their parents will be informed at the end of the school day.  

It is important to remember the children always start a new day on a green card.  Our teachers use positive behaviour awards throughout the day such as stickers and certificates.