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Hedgehogs Blog (Y1)

Welcome to the our blog!  We hope to share all the wonderful things that we are learning about in Year 1.

Our Class Teacher is Mrs Macfarlane and our Teaching Assistants are Miss Jelliffe and Mrs C. Smith.   Click here to see our topic bubbles for each term showing NC coverage.

Here is our exciting CURRICULUM MAP FOR 2018-19.

May 2019

Busy, busy, busy!

This week we have been very busy! We started the week by finishing our Georges Seurat inspired pointillism paintings. The children worked so hard on them and we have a wonderful display of their fabulous finished works of art in the classroom.

In Geography the children have worked in groups to make 3D park maps. It was wonderful to hear them talking to each other and deciding on what would be included in their park and who would make each part. They used tape to attach the different parts. We are hoping that they will still be in one piece by Wednesday 22nd May so that we can show them off to our home grown ups at our end of term family picnic event.

On Thursday afternoons the children have been working with Miss Brown on a variety of computing activities all about maps. Miss Brown said they have worked very hard, especially on the I pads.

Lots of spotty dots!

This week we have been finding out more about Georges Seurat. He was a French painter who was born in 1891. He invented a completely new way of painting during the Impressionist era called Pointillism. He painted amazing pictures using lots and lots and lots AND lots of tiny dots of paint in primary colours. We loved seeing some of his paintings in pictures that had zoomed in on the detail. Far away the paintings look like all the colours of the rainbow, but close up you can see that he put primary colours close together and let our eyes do the mixing. It's a bit like paint magic! We are very impressed.

We have looked at one of his most famous paintings called, 'Sunday afternoon on the Grande Jatte,' which took Georges Seurat 2 years to paint! We couldn't believe it. That really is a lot of dots!

The children have practised shading, blending and mixing coloured dots so that we can have a go at making our own pointillism pictures tomorrow.  

In Maths we have been thinking about division. We have been grouping and sharing objects into 2s, 5s and 10s. The children have been using their sapphire powers and tried really hard. They are looking forward to having a practise at home with their homework!



A busy week of science learning!

This week we have focussed our learning on science. We have been talking about plants and linked our learning back to our trip last week. It was brilliant to hear the children sharing their ideas about what makes a plant grow, the different sorts of plants and naming flowers.

We have started a growing experiment where we have planted our own seeds but also a set of seeds that we will either water but keep in the dark, keep in the light but not water or water and keep in the light but they have no soil! The children have made scientific predictions about what they think will happen and we will check back at the end of term to see if we were right!

The children have worked in groups twice this week to produce a labelled collage of a flower and also a branching data base of wild and garden plants. Lots of great teamwork going on as well as lots of scientific chatter! We have some really wonderful posters that we can put up in our classrooms and also in the hall too.

Finally we all took part in the colour run on Friday afternoon. A really brilliant way to finish the week and blow the cobwebs away before the weekend! It was quite breezy!



April 2019

Park Keepers for the day!

The children had a wonderful day at Warminster town park being park keepers, even though it was a little bit rainy. First we listened to Stuart tell us about the things the park keeper has to do to look after the park and then helped him by clearing 5 flower beds ready to be re-planted. We have saved the tulip bulbs and are looking forward to planting them around the school in pots.

After we had finished our park keeper duties, and had a quick lunch break, we followed the new Tree Trail around the park looking at the deciduous and non-deciduous tress. We were amazed how many different types of trees there are in the park. We also saw some of the wild life, swans, geese and ducks. The otters and water voles were hiding, maybe we might have been a little bit too noisy! Just as we were leaving we spotted Harry the heron! He was watching us walking back to the station in the rain!



Superhero Afternoon

What a lovely end of term event we had in Hedgehogs Class this week!  Thank you to all the parents and grown-ups who were able to join us.  We hope you enjoyed the afternoon as much as we did. 

For those of you who were unable to join us this time, please take a look through the slideshow below and see the children having fun making their own superheroes, measuring and ordering superheroes, playing superhero 'Guess Who', using our super senses to smell, hear and feel different things and snuggling up with a grown-up or friend to share our favourite stories.



March 2019

Beebot Fun

This week we were writing algorithms (instructions) to move a Beebot (a programmable floor robot) around a town.  We worked together to write, test and amend our instructions to move the robot from one house to another.  We then applied our skills in writing algorithms to our work on the computers.  It was great fun!



In maths this week we have been looking at volume and capacity.  We have looked at the difference between the two and have had the opportunity to measure both.   We had fun using different non-standard units to measure the capacity of a bowl and discovered that it is better to measure a larger item with bigger non-standard units so that it doesn't take as long.  For example, we found out that it took 3 milk cartons or 10 cups or 237 spoonfuls of water to fill the bowl.  Measuring large capacities with spoons is not a great idea!



We also had to test whether the statement 'A tall container holds more water than a small container' is always true, sometimes true or never true.  We used a tall measuring cylinder, a cup and a milk carton to test our ideas.  We found out that the statement is sometimes true as the smaller milk carton held more water than the measuring cylinder but the tall measuring cylinder held more water than the cup. 





Florence Nightingale

We have been learning about a real superhero in Hedgehogs class this week.  Her name was Florence Nightingale and she was a nurse, living in Victorian times,  who improved the conditions of a hospital in Scutari during the Crimean War.  The improvements she made whilst away, and after her return, have changed the way hospitals are run today.  In groups we discussed how she improved the Scutari hospital and then we wrote a diary entry to explain these changes to others.

In our music lessons we have been learning to play the glockenspiel to accompany a piece of music.  We found it quite challenging to keep in time with the music but with the help of our friends we were able to play the tune correctly.  Next week we are planning to split the class in half and play our glockenspiels whilst the rest of the class are singing a song.


Marvelous Measuring

In our Maths sessions over the past couple of weeks we have been measuring height and length.  We began by thinking about how we describe height and length.  We used the vocabulary tall, taller, tallest, short, shorter, shortest and long, longer, longest to compare heights and lengths.  We then went on to measure objects using non-standard units such as cubes and paper clips.  We compared the different units of measure and decided that measuring this way was not as accurate as it could be because the objects that we were using to measure with were different sizes.  We decided that a more accurate way to measure would be to use standard units such as centimeters so we used rulers to measure lines and objects; draw lines for a given measurement and compare the measures by finding the 'difference' between the two lines/objects.

In Design and Technology this week we made our own wheel mechanisms.  We cut a small hole in some card and then attached a wheel to the back using a split pin.  When you turn the wheel, the face that you can see peeping through the hole that you cut, changes.



We ended the week celebrating Red Nose Day and raising money for Comic Relief.

Shrove Tuesday

What a busy week!  On Tuesday we were learning about Shrove Tuesday which is also known as 'Pancake Day'.  We found out that Shrove Tuesday takes place on the last day before Lent begins and that Lent is the Christian period leading up to Easter, when people often give up something.  The tradition of eating pancakes started because in the past people were not allowed to eat foods such as eggs, so to use them up before Lent began, people would mix them with other rich foods such as milk, flour and butter to make pancakes.

We worked in small groups of three to make our own pancake batter and once cooked, we added our own toppings before eating them.  They were very tasty!




On Thursday we celebrated World Book Day and the children dressed up as their favourite book characters - they all looked amazing!   During the day we were lucky enough to meet the author and illustrator, Mike Brownlow who is well known for writing 'Ten Little Superheroes', 'Ten Little Pirates' and many more stories.   He shared some of his stories with us and taught us some actions to help us retell them.  It was a really enjoyable day!

Superhero Day

What a busy and enjoyable day!  The children all looked fabulous in their costumes and were very excited to share their super powers with the class. 

After reading the story 'Supertato', we made our own superhero characters by adding googly eyes, capes, belts and masks to potatoes, carrots and parsnips. 





We used our superhero characters to help us write our own stories based on the 'Supertato' book.  We thought carefully about our sentences and used adjectives and the conjunction 'and' to make our writing better.

In the afternoon, we made superhero hands.  We drew around our hands, cut them out, decorated them to look like our favourite superhero characters and wrote a message of kindness inside.  We gave our decorated hands to a friend.


February 2019

All around the world exhibition

Thank you to everyone who came to our exhibition this week. We loved sharing all our fabulous learning with all of our special family members! Have a wonderful half term break and we look forward to seeing you in Term 4 for our Superhero topic!














Making numbers in different ways.

This week we have been making 2 digit numbers in different ways using a range of equipment. We have been seeing how many tens and ones are in each number and recording this. The children are getting really good at counting in tens and using 100 squares to help them with one more and one less than numbers between 20 and 60!



Pizza fun!

We spent the afternoon today making our own pizzas from scratch. We had such fun mixing and kneading the dough and then adding the toppings. We cannot wait to share them tomorrow at the exhibition!

Wonderful stick men!

The children have finished their Giacometti inspired stick men sculptures. They are fabulous and we are looking forward to sharing them with you all at our exhibition next week.

We will also be sharing our eBooks about Giacometti which children have worked on in pairs on our I pads to make. They have been importing photographs, adding sound files and changing the backgrounds. All very impressive!

This week in Maths has been really busy as we have begun to work with bigger numbers. The children have been grouping in 10s and 1s to count larger numbers and then been recording the 10s and 1s in a given number. They really are becoming maths wizards!

January 2019

SNOW day!

Enjoy the snow everyone! Stay safe and warm and we really look forward to hearing all about your snowy adventures next week!

Designing our stick men

The children have really focussed on the details of their Giacometti inspired stick men. It is so wonderful to see how the children are using their sounds to write labels and sentences in their design work. As well as drawing their designs they also had a last go at making models using different resources. 

Creative learning

This week we have been thinking about how the seasons effect a little robin. The children really enjoyed looking at pictures of our robin in the Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. They asked lots of questions to further their learning and listened really well to the answers. It was wonderful to see how they used what they had learnt in their writing when they recorded the robin's journey through the seasons.

Later in the week we thought about seasons again, this time in music when we listened to Vivaldi's Four Seasons. First we lay quietly in the classroom and listened to each season. We then talked about what it made us think of. Finally we drew pictures as we listened o the music again. The pictures are really wonderful, they show what the children have learnt about the seasons in our Science so far. A great way to use music and science together.

With Miss Brown the children have begun designing their Giacometti Stick Men. They explored different materials to see which will be best to make their final sculptures. They are going to be wonderful when they are done!


A week of new learning!

This week we really have been very busy using our Emerald gem power to keep going with new things and make those new connections in our brains. The children have been really focussed, Sapphire gem powers, on learning the new skill of adding to numbers by making 10 first. It has been wonderful to see them working together and explaining their thinking.

The children have also been designing their stick men, inspired by Giacometti and his sculptures. They are really looking forward to transforming their designs into their own sculptures to share with you all at our Around the World exhibition in a few weeks.

In Computing the children have been using the search engine to research Giacometti and have found out some wonderful facts. They really loved this!

We have carried on finding out about the world around us and this week focussed on China. The children were fascinated by dragons, noodles, the Terracotta Army and The Great Wall. We have also written about our focus country, Spain, with the children really thinking about the facts they have learnt. They have used their capital letters, finger spaces, full stops and sounds to write some wonderful sentences.

Finally throughout the week the children have been enjoying the wonderful 'Pizza Parlour' role play that Miss Jelliffe has made. Some wonderful language and imaginative play. I even bought a yummy pizza for 10 dollars!


Welcome back everyone! Looking forward to a wonderful term full of learning all about 'The World Around Us.'

A busy first week of the year!

We have been very busy this week in Hedgehogs. The children came back ready to learn! This week in Maths we have started to use number lines to help us with our addition problem solving. The children have worked with their learning partners to jump along the number lines. It has been wonderful to see them working so well together and really developing their independence.

Also this week in PSHE we have been talking about the things that are the same or different about us. The children worked with their carpet partners to come up with three things that were the same and three things that were different. They really looked carefully. We talked about how it wasn't just the way we look that can be the same and different but also the things we like and don't like. We decided that being different and the same was brilliant. It definitely makes life interesting!

With Miss Brown on Thursday the children have begun to find out about artist and sculpture Alberto Giacometti. He made some famous sculptures of a stick man figure. The children are researching him, his stick man sculptures and then having a go at making their own sculptures. They are looking forward to sharing them with you at the end of term Exhibition.

December 2018


This week we have been enjoying a variety of Christmas writing, maths and crafts.

It has been lovely to show off what we can do with setting and character descriptions. We have really tried hard with our sounds throughout the Autumn term and we can now write some really wonderful sentences.

We used lots of sequins and glitter to make our Christmas crafts. A lovely sparkly way to finish off the term.

Have a very happy Christmas everyone and see you in January for more fun and learning!


Recreating a Jan Griffier painting!

We worked together as a whole year group this week to recreate a Jan Griffier painting of The Great Fire of London. Each child a piece of the painting to copy. Once everyone had finished their piece Mrs Bray and Mrs Philips put them together like a giant jigsaw puzzle in the hall. The finished picture is out representation of the original painting. It is definitely very fiery! 

We have also been enjoying reading books in the book corner and writing book reviews. We are very excited to be making our own book of reviews to help our friends choose a book to enjoy.

Making a mini Great Fire of London!

We have really enjoyed making our own Great Fire of London jars. First we covered a glass jar in yellow, orange and red tissue paper, sticking it with glue. This represented the flames. Next we placed black tissue paper on top to make the London skyline. When it had all dried we placed battery tea lights inside. We were so pleased with the results and when we lit them all the classroom looked magical!

Magnet Magic!

In Science we have been thinking about materials and their properties. This week we had great fun using magnets to see which materials were attracted to them.

Next we made a magnetic maze. We drew our maze on a piece of paper and then moved a paper clip through it using  magnet. It was great fun!

November 2018


We joined Badgers this week for a wonderful yoga session run by Mr Parish. We were very impressed to see the children join in wholeheartedly with the pigeon, boat, downward dog and many more yoga moves!

Another really busy week!

This week we have been learning about 3D and 2 D shapes in Maths. The children have been naming the shapes, describing them by their properties and making repeating patterns. It has been wonderful to hear our shape experts talking about corners, sides and faces as they describe shapes to their friends.

In RE this week the children found our about the creation story. Miss Brown set up some wonderful activities for the children to explore the 7 days that the Bible says God created the world in. It was a wonderful hands on learning experience for everyone.

We finished the week with Science. We explored different materials. We had three activities where we explored objects and described how they looked, felt and what questions we might like to ask about them. The children are getting really good at working with a partner and are becoming really independent. 


A wonderful visit to Trowbridge Fire Station!

We had a fabulous topic starter this week when we visited Trowbridge Fire Station. First we popped to the Civic Centre to have our picnic. We were pleased to be sitting inside in the warm and it was lovely to see the children chatting and enjoying eating together.

Next we had a quick walk around a part of the park. We loved seeing the ducks and swans, and there was great excitement when the fountains turned on and squirted water jets. We also spotted some wood, metal, plastic and bricks which will help us with our Science topic this term, Materials and their properties.

Then it was time to jump back on the coach and head to the Fire Station. We met Paul and Nick the fire fighters and they showed us a film about Frances the firefly. We talked about how to keep safe and how important it is that we NEVER play with matches or fire. It is dangerous and we could get seriously hurt.

Paul showed us the special clothes fire fighters wear to keep them safe when they are putting fires out. Then we went outside and looked around a fire engine. We saw all the different equipment that is on board and found out that their is even a kettle on a fire engine to make sure fire fighters get lots of hot chocolate!

I think everyone's favourite bit was getting to fire the water hose. The water shoots out at such speed that it is hard to hold on to the hose and the children were super strong mini fire fighters.

The thing the grown ups enjoyed most was seeing how much the children enjoyed themselves and how wonderful their behaviour and manners were. We heard a lot of "thank you" being said to all the people who helped us have a brilliant day!


 Guided Reading begins...

This week we started a daily session of guided reading in Hedgehogs. Over the week the children will read to Mrs Macfarlane, read to Miss Jelliffe, listen to a story at our listening station, read a book for pleasure and do a game. The children have made a fabulous start to this and we are looking forward to hearing their reading blossom. Remember that you can help at home by hearing them read their reading books and writing in their reading records. We really love stories in Hedgehogs and look forward to our daily story session.


Rainbow Challenges with our parents

We thoroughly enjoyed sharing our Rainbow Challenges with our parent's this week. We did lots of different farm related activities including making split pin animals, bingo, soduko, word searches, play dough farm animals, I spy and foot print animals. It was a lovely end to our 'On The Farm' topic.


Monday Mindfulness

We have been enjoying doing mindfulness activities all term. This has been helping with our concentration and giving us an opportunity to be quiet and still. Sometimes we lie in a space and listen to a meditation story or practise a few breathing techniques, but our favourite has to be Cosmic Kids yoga.

This Monday we did  'Popcorn and the pirates.' It is so lovely to see how much the children participate and follow the simple yoga poses. If you would like to try some at home please follow this link https://www.youtube.com/user/CosmicKidsYoga

A week of visitors and surprises!

We have had a busy week again this week. On Wednesday we were very excited to meet Eileen Browne and hear all about how she writes her books including Handa's Hen. It was a wonderful way to really get us excited about books and reading before our  wonderful new library was unveiled! How lucky we are to have such a fabulous area to enjoy books in.

We also spent some time with Basil and Pepper, our school guinea pigs, thinking about what pets need to be healthy. The children were wonderful at being quiet so they didn't get scared, but also have gentle hands gibing them strokes and tickles. It has been really fabulous to see how enthusiastic the children have been during our Science this term. We have learnt so much about animals and have been listening to each other as we share our knowledge and ideas.

During Rainbow Challenges we have been thinking about the seasons as we begin to see signs of autumn in our outside area. The children have drawn the tress, carefully using colours that they see and really developing those muscles in their hands making play dough trees. It is so lovely hearing the children telling each other how much they like what their friends have made. Really using those Ruby gem powers!

In Maths we have finished off some work on addition and begun subtraction. The children have used real objects to tell subtraction stories to their partners and then begun to record them. This has been easier as we have continued to use our part, part, whole models to help us.

What busy Hedgehogs we have been! Only 3 days left of this term but still quite a lot of fabulous learning to get in. We are very much looking forward to welcoming our grown ups to out Rainbow Challenge Parents Event on Monday 22nd October!

Vegetable faces!

We had a wonderful time this week recreating our own version of Giuseppe Arcimboldo's famous vegetable face paintings using a variety of different vegetables. The children really concentrated on feeling the different vegetables and talking about the colours, shapes and textures. We are very proud of their end products.




A busy week of learning!

This week we have been learning about number bonds. The children have used a variety of resources to help them including part, part, whole models and tens frames. We have also been recording addition number sentences. It has been wonderful seeing the children really focus in their Maths sessions and try their very hardest.

We have also been doing a bit more art work inspired by Giuseppe Arcimboldo. First we used water colours to create a large vegetable for a head and a background in a contrasting colour.   Next we added photos of vegetables to create the features. Our finished work are displayed in the hall, the link corridor and the classroom. We are super proud of them and all agree they look really wonderful.



September 2018

A great start!

The children have really settled in well to Year One life. We are looking forward to lots of exciting learning this term. Our topic is The Farm and we are excited about our trip to Warleigh Lodge farm next week. Especially as we get to spent the day being real farmers!

Down on the Farm

The children had a fabulous trip to Warleigh Lodge Farm despite the rain and the treat of thunder and lightening during lunchtime! We loved splashing in the river, rolling down the hill, squeezing into the 100 year old tree and meeting all the animals. We fed the hens, collected the eggs, lay the bedding straw for the pigs, fed the goats and, after a bumpy tractor ride, fed the beautiful cows. It was a super trip and the children were a credit to the school with their manners and behaviour!


A visit from the Life Education Bus

The children enjoyed a visit from Harold the giraffe and Becky this week. We found out all about our wonderful bodies. The children were brilliant at coming up with ideas for how to keep their bodies healthy. There was lots of oohing when the lights were turned down and the stars came out!

Really using our maths brains!

The children have been working really hard this week comparing numbers. They have used a variety of equipment to represent more and less and have begun recording this in their maths books. We are so proud of how they are using their gem powers to keep going even when things are difficult and to really focus. Well done Hedgehogs!